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Salesforce-Contact-Center Test Questions

Question: 1
While all listed KPIs have relevance, the most suitable set for Ursa Major Solar’s goals (enhanced customer satisfaction & loyalty, cost streamlining) should prioritize these areas:
A Ursa Major Solar recently hired many new agents to handle seasonal peak volumes in the voice channel.

A. Build Omni-Channel routing flow and add all senior agents to the direct to agent routing proceed
B. Assign Read All data access to all voice agents
C. Update the organization-wide sharing setting for use Presence to Public Read City

Answer: A
For Ursa Major Solar, after hiring many new agents to handle increased call volumes, the most effective strategy is to build an Omni-Channel routing flow and include all senior agents in the direct- to-agent routing protocol. This approach ensures that experienced agents are prioritized for more complex calls, helping to maintain high quality of service during peak periods. Omni-Channel routing efficiently distributes incoming calls based on agent expertise, availability, and workload, which helps to manage the increased volume without compromising service quality.
Reference: Omni-Channel Routing

Question: 2
While some of your suggestions aim to address Ursa Major Solar’s need to
accommodate new agents during peak season, they raise potential concerns and might not be the most optimal approach. Here’s a breakdown:
Ursa Major Solar (UMS) is implementing Email-to-Case in its … Salesforce notaro which it has used in the past 2 years as its Case
Management system, to place is the party Email Channel provider. UMS is

excited to learn about the artificial in capability in Einstein Case
Classification and would like to prioritize the capturing the build as must-have After verifying the license, how should a consultant include the Einstein
Case Classification capability in the same project?
Add two requirements to the backlog in the current release date EmailMessage object to meet data requirements for Einstein formal Car Cassium be up Einstein Case Classification.
Add the requirement to a future release since Einstein rends at least 400 the past 6 months to build the model in Email Channel
Add the requirement in the current release as the customer are case records and because of the reed to prontice the manner Classification The most appropriate approach for incorporating Einstein Case Classification into the same project is to:

A) A Add two requirements to the backlog in the current release:
B) Ursa Major Solar has recently seen a big increase in case volume due to the launch of new product.
What should the company do to deflect cases? Implement an internal knowledge base.
Implement a customer-facing knowledge base Implement a new channel in SMS. Choose
While both implementing an internal knowledge base and implementing a customer-facing knowledge base can help deflect cases, the most impactful choice for Ursa Major Solar is:
Implementing a customer-facing knowledge base.
Ursa Major Solar decided to roll out Einstein Bots in all of the enhanced digital snipe channels for its retail customers, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Message for In-app and Web. The Salesforce administrators are not sure how many boss they sa and why.
Which recommendation should a consultant make to the Salesforce ..
A. bot. The same Einstein Bot can be deployed to all Enhanced Digital … that Sent Cloud supports
B. Three bots. One bot per channel will provide a chunne specific customer..
C. Two bots. Fewer bots means less maintenance and the same can be p and Facebook Messenger

Answer: A

To incorporate Einstein Case Classification effectively in the ongoing project, the consultant should add two requirements to the backlog in the current release. This approach ensures that the project team can address the need for Einstein Case Classification without delaying the current implementation schedule. The EmailMessage object will need to be configured to meet data requirements for Einstein Case Classification, which will then enable the automated classification and routing of incoming cases based on content analysis. This strategic inclusion in the current release facilitates immediate enhancement of case management efficiency without the wait times associated with gathering historical data, as would be necessary if waiting for a future release.
Reference: For deflecting cases, implementing a customer-facing knowledge base is the most impactful choice

for Ursa Major Solar. A customer-facing knowledge base allows customers to self-serve by accessing information and solutions directly, which can significantly reduce the volume of incoming cases by addressing common inquiries and issues before they escalate to live support interactions.
For the deployment of Einstein Bots across enhanced digital service channels, the recommendation should be to use the same Einstein Bot across all channels (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Message for In-app, and Web). This approach leverages the ability of Einstein Bots to be configured once and deployed across multiple channels, simplifying maintenance and ensuring consistent customer experiences across all digital touchpoints.

Question: 3
Ursa Major Solar is enhancing its Messaging for Web implementation on the customer site to pass the Customer ID and visited URL as web content to their service apert wen the conversation starts. How should a consultant implement these requirements?
Create two custom fields then create two custom parameters, clone and the messaging channel. Add the two custom parameters as hidden precatedly Salesforce code embedded on the help site to auto set customer Update Omni-Channel Flow to populate the custom fields.
Create a contact custom field customer ID and case custom felt viste R. At The custom fields to pre- chat form Modify the Sales contended on the he customer ID and visited URL value
Create a contact custom field customer ID and ca custom parameters, Customer_ID and visited URL for the messytee custom parameters as hidden pre-chat belts Mosity the site to auto set customer, ID and visited, URL value to t leveraging extra PrechatFormDetails APL Ursa Major Solar (UMS) provides customer support primarily using the phone channel through Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) in
Salesforce. UMS recently stated .. spikes of service calls coming in that often result in customers waiting for hour on the phone.
Which recommendation should the consultant make to improve this?

A. Implement an SMS Digital Channel and redirect customers from phone.
B. Hire more service agents in peak season and meet customer needs on demand
C. Implement Email-to-Case and redirect customers from phone to email

Answer: B

To implement the requirement of passing the Customer ID and visited URL in Ursa Major Solar’s Messaging for Web, the consultant should create a contact custom field for the customer ID and a case custom field for the visited URL. These fields should then be added to the pre-chat form, and the Salesforce code embedded on the help site should be modified to automatically set these values when a conversation starts. This setup allows for the capture and use of specific customer and interaction data, enhancing personalization and relevance of support interactions initiated through the web messaging channel.
To address the issue of service call spikes and long customer wait times, the consultant should recommend implementing an SMS Digital Channel and redirecting customers from phone to SMS.

This digital channel allows for more flexible and asynchronous communication, which can help manage the volume of incoming queries more efficiently than voice calls alone. Implementing SMS also provides customers with a convenient and accessible way to receive support, potentially reducing the pressure on the phone channel during peak times.

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