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Question: 1
For an endorsed transaction, the gateway service forwards the transaction to the ordering service, which orders it with other endorsed transactions and then completes what?

A. Sends the transaction to the validation phase.
B. Packages all endorsed transactions into a block.
C. Sends the transaction to the endorsement phase.
D. Broadcasts the transaction to all peers in the channel.

Answer: B

Explanation: For an endorsed transaction, the gateway service forwards the transaction to the ordering service. The ordering service then packages this transaction with other endorsed transactions into a block. This block is subsequently distributed across the network to all peers for validation and commitment to the ledger. The ordering process ensures the maintenance of transaction order across the network, crucial for the consistency and integrity of the blockchain .

Question: 2
In Hyperledger Fabric, what data structures manage sensitive information between organizations?

A. Private data collections
B. State database
C. Ordering service
D. Endorsement policies

Answer: A

Explanation: In Hyperledger Fabric, “private data collections” are used to manage sensitive information between organizations. This feature allows specified subsets of data to be shared among a defined group of network participants while keeping it hidden from others, thus maintaining confidentiality and privacy across the network. Private data collections enable organizations to transact privately without having to establish a separate channel, significantly reducing the overhead associated with channel management .

Question: 3
What is the advantage of using state-based endorsement policy over a chaincode or collection level endorsement policy?

A. It provides a way to set endorsement policy on a global Hyperledger Fabric farm level with one configuration
B. It can be used without complex configuration transactions, only a JSON configuration file is needed.
C. It provides fine-tuned endorsement policy on key level, update is possible without chaincode update
D. It provides a way to set endorsement policy for multiply keys with one chaincode configuration update.

Answer: C
State-based endorsement policies in Hyperledger Fabric offer a significant advantage by allowing endorsement policies to be specified at the level of individual state keys within the ledger. This granularity means that the endorsement policy for specific assets or data points can be tailored independently of others and can be updated without the need to redeploy or update the chaincode itself. This flexibility supports dynamic business needs and complex governance structures where different assets may require different endorsement levels based on their sensitivity or value .

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